Retro Naive is pleased to announce it’s first album release, PLUS/MINUS by Nonfinite!

PLUS/MINUS was written on a Nintendo Game Boy using nanoloop mono.

All songs written and performed by Anthony Bradshaw Schmitt – Nonfinite

PLUS/MINUS is available for download from Bandcamp.


Well well well. Here we are, folks. It’s the inaugural album critique for the Retro Naive Review! I had been writing for the ChipWIN blog for a little under half a year.  I recently decided to strike out on my own in the hopes of moving the material I consume and write about towards a looser definition of ‘chipmusic’.

This week while scanning the forums I came across a new release on the Bleepstreet label.  This label has hosted such greats as cTrix, Sulumi, Sabrepulse, and Covox.  Bleepstreet has a solid track record, so I investigated this newest release, ‘Ambush’, with high hopes.


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Introducing ‘The Retro Naive Review’

So, I quit the ChipWIN blog.  I wasn’t a writer there for long, just four or five months, but it was long enough to wear out my welcome. By the end I had the impression that I was skating on thin ice, and it showed in my editor-in-chief’s interactions with me, I think. The last review I did, ‘NONFINITE EXPLORES: DRAGON WARRIOR – ‘WORLD OF DARKNESS, WORLD OF LIGHT’, was an article I enjoyed writing very, very much, but it was brought up after writing it and having it edited that there was a problem. The release, well… it wasn’t chip enough for the head honcho’s tastes.  It was unsuitable for the blog.  


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