Nonfinite Explores: The Hardliner – “Zolöft Blues”

After adoring the song of a stranger for ten years, I decided to find and speak to the artist.

“The Hardliner”, a musician I had discovered near the beginning of my now decade-long exploration of chipmusic, had released a number of albums under numerous netlabels in addition to one music video named “Zolöft Blues“. It was this music video that originally caught my interest.

Over the years I have posted this music video over, and over, and over because every time I remember it I want to see and hear it again, which invariably leads me to wanting to share it with all of you.

Please enjoy one of my favorite songs of all time, “Zolöft Blues“:

I had always wondered what led to the production of Zolöft Blues, and what tools had been used to create such a sonic landscape. It turns out The Hardliner used an interesting workflow consisting of writing melodies in FastTracker, converting those melodies into a custom ROM that could then be loaded on a Game Boy, playing and recording those uncompressed waveforms, then chopping and importing those same waveforms back to FastTracker and layering percussion over.

He said it was a tedious workflow, but I believe it led to a unique sonic landscape that I have found to be incredibly endearing and catchy to the extent that I haven’t tired of it yet since discovering it a decade ago.

I also think there’s something to be said for adopting an abnormal workflow. If it works for you, go for it! Branch out. Personally, I think the best music made is about expressing your uniqueness.

<3 Nonfinite
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Find Zolöft Blues on the RelaxBeat label on Soundcloud

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Nonfinite Explores: 2A0X – ‘Ambush’

Well well well. Here we are, folks. It’s the inaugural album critique for the Retro Naive Review! I had been writing for the ChipWIN blog for a little under half a year.  I recently decided to strike out on my own in the hopes of moving the material I consume and write about towards a looser definition of ‘chipmusic’.

This week while scanning the forums I came across a new release on the Bleepstreet label.  This label has hosted such greats as cTrix, Sulumi, Sabrepulse, and Covox.  Bleepstreet has a solid track record, so I investigated this newest release, ‘Ambush’, with high hopes.


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Introducing ‘The Retro Naive Review’

So, I quit the ChipWIN blog.  I wasn’t a writer there for long, just four or five months, but it was long enough to wear out my welcome. By the end I had the impression that I was skating on thin ice, and it showed in my editor-in-chief’s interactions with me, I think. The last review I did, ‘NONFINITE EXPLORES: DRAGON WARRIOR – ‘WORLD OF DARKNESS, WORLD OF LIGHT’, was an article I enjoyed writing very, very much, but it was brought up after writing it and having it edited that there was a problem. The release, well… it wasn’t chip enough for the head honcho’s tastes.  It was unsuitable for the blog.  


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